Thomas Patton

Shepherd Crusader

Nicknames: Tom, Shepherd Clan: Gangrel
Requiem: Conduct Control Covenant: Carthian Movement
Masquerade: P.I. Bloodline: Shepherd
Concept: Shepherd Crusader Titles None
Mask: Idealist Entered Society: 1930’s
Dirge: Nurturer Status: None
Apparent Age: Late 30’s Blood Potency: 2
Hair: Dark Coterie: PC Coterie
Eyes: Hazel Notable Traits: Dexterity ••••, Wits •••
Height: 5’11" Stamina •••, Investigation •••(Crime Scenes)
Build: Lean with muscle Firearms •••(Hand Guns), Brawl•••(Claws)
Professional Training ••(Private I., Bloodhound ••
Protean ••, Obfuscate ••, Resilience ••, Animalism •

Thomas was born in England in 1896. He was raised in an average middle-low income family. His dad was a police officers and that was the career he and his three brothers also chose. He liked his job, for the most part, and liked being able to make those who victimized others come to justice. When Thomas was 38, he was attacked one night by a pair of vampires who had been terrorizing the poor neighborhood he policed. He was savagely beaten, fed upon and left to die. Half an hour later, moments before his death, another vampire found him. This one, a Gangrel of the Shepherd bloodline, offered him the chance to live, to get revenge on those that preyed upon him and to keep up his life’s work. Thomas accepted and the rest is history.

Thomas enjoys his unlife, he’s now 80 yrs old; the memories of his family are gone now. After so long he is still very committed to wiping out the Brood and any other insane vampires he finds. For the last twenty years or so, he has been in Vancouver working with his Sire, Vancouver’s current Sheriff.

Thomas Patton

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