Welcome to Seattle…


It was this time last year that the Vanishing occurred. You don’t know what the Vanishing was? I’m talking about every single fucking kindred member in Seattle all disappearing all at once. I’m not talking about one or two kindred packing their bags and moving, or a major Carthian coup that overthrew the Invictus. In one moment there were over two dozen known members of the Kindred in Seattle, and then, they all vanished, faded or something… fucking strange! The city was investigated by the elders, but there was no answers discovered as to what happened. The mortals who interested with the Vanished all gave the same testimony. In one instance, they were there, and in the next…gone.

One year later, there’s a whole lot of interest in expanding into the wide open Jet City. An established Carthian coterie from Vancouver volunteered to resettle Seattle, but what dangers exist in a city lacking a Kindred structure and presence for so long?

Welcome to Shadows over Innismouth Seattle.

The Shadow Over Seattle

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